Add Value Agencies is a startup company, established in the year 2008, with an objective to offer value added services to its Business Alliance Partners.

The company is established by Mr. Snehal Shah, with more than 18 years of professional stint in chemical industry in general and Agrochemicals & Printing Inks industry in particular. During this professional journey, we have created a network of relationship in India and several other countries around the world and have access to all the important markets for related products.

Add Value Agencies believes in relationship based approach and shares excellent contacts in Agrochemical Industry in India. We believe in power of knowledge and work with excellent market intelligence, market trends, product shifts etc. We believe in transparency and are always glad to share our knowledge with our alliance partners.

Through our business associates, we also can offer regulatory services for registration of products in India and in China.

We are also exploring opportunities in Pigment industry for export of popular pigment products from India.

Our current profile of activities are mainly focused on Business Development assignments in Agro Chemical Industry and includes:

Sales of Technical Pesticides & Bulk Formulations from Insecticides India Ltd., a listed limited company in India, with an annual turnover of approx. USD 100 Mio. The technical plant is located at Chopanki in Haryana. Please see the list of products attached separately.

Promotion of Agrochemicals & their Intermediate products from China to Indian customers. These sources are validated for their quality of products and reliability of shipments. Our China associates share excellent relationship with these companies in China and have strategic tie up for promotion of these products in India.

Promotion of agrochemicals, technicals and formulations from India for international markets.

Promotion of agrochemical intermediates from India to China and also for other international markets.

Sales of Tensiofix brand emulsifiers from Omnichem BV of Belgium: Tensiofix has a very rich experience in developing new formulations and have superb R&D and production facility in Belgium. They are totally dedicated to Agrochemicals and supply emulsifiers only for Agrochemicals.